The History Of Eureka Health Services

The Eureka Health Practice started in 1996 as a solo practitioner and converted to a registered company LLC in 2002 with the opening up of the practice to accommodate partners. In  2003 the property in Ramsbury was purchased in a Eureka moment…. After renovation the practice moved from government road to its present location in Ramsbury.

What Is Our Company Ethos?

At Eureka Health Services we believe in empowering and enlightening you. Our priority is to make sure you are fully educated as to the opportunities and potential risks that relate to your health care.

Our Team

Dr Liburd founded Eureka Health Services back in 2002

Dr Glenville Liburd

Doctor & CEO of Eureka Health Services | Anaesthesia | Family Practice | Critical Care

Florene Williams

Office Manager

Lavinia Wilson

Operation Officer | Social Media Marketer | Trainee Therapist

Sonia Williams


Orali Wilkinson

Filing Clerk | Research Assistant

Dazaree DaCosta

Gift Shop Attendant | Relief Receptionist

Tesson Stapleton

Gardener | Landscaper | HA
Business Associates

Dr Elisha Thompson

Business Associate

Dr William Stone

OBGYN | Business Associate